Teach at Little Fox Hiring Process - Native Teacher

Teach at Little Fox

Hiring Process - Native Teacher


Native Teacher

Required Documents

① Valid passport

② Bachelor's Degree : Notarized & Authenticated

③ Criminal record check (CRC)

④ Passport photos

⑤ Updated resume

⑥ E2 Health statement form 💾

⑦ Visa Eligibility application form 💾

⑧ Employment contract

⑨ Visa application form 💾

Job Process


Review resume

Conduct interview

Offer & Sign the contract

Visa Process

• Apply : Teachers apply via website or send resume via Email• Review resume : Recruiter from HQ reviews resume• Conduct interview : 1st interview with HQ → 2nd interview with the center• Offer & Sign the contract : HQ proceeds after the 2nd interview• Visa Process : Collect required documents → Apply for VISA issuance number (Principal) → Apply for VISA with the number (Teacher)

Visa Process

Sign the contract

Send required documents

Apply & Receive VISA Confirmation Number

Apply & Receive VISA

Flight arrangement

• Sign the contract : Visa process starts right after teacher signs the contract• Send required documents : Express mail the documents to the center directly• Apply & Receive VISA Confirmation Number : Once the principal receives teachers’ documents, he/she goes to the immigration and apply for VISA Confirmation Number• Apply & Receive VISA : Once VISA Confirmation Number is out, teachers go to Korean Consulate and apply for VISA• Flight arrangement : When VISA is out or know when to be, teachers adjust arrival schedule with the principal.

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