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Teach at Little Fox

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About Us

Little Fox is a company specializing in English education for children
who aim to teach English using animated stories.

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English Animation Library

Little Fox is the largest producer of animated
stories in the world. There are currently
about 4,000 animated stories.


Little Fox has attained
many awards within the
education industry.

Little Fox Language Centers

Little Fox Language Centers have expanded
over the years to more than 60 locations
throughout Korea.

Why Us?


We know what is important to you
and we will be 100% REAL with you.


Our recruiters will ASSIST you
every step of the way.


We can assure you that we do our best
to provide SUPPORT when needed.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Apply

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  2. Application Review

    Our recruiters will screen
    your application.

  3. HQ Interview

    Details about the position
    will be discussed.

  4. Center Interview

    Interview with center
    will be arranged.

  5. Contract Signing

    Contract will be reviewed
    before signing.

  • jobs@littlefox.com
  • +82-70-4355-2813
  • KST 9:00am – 5:40pm (M~F)

Our Curriculum

The Little Fox curriculum consists of 3 different courses, with 4 class levels each,
for a total of 12 classes spread out over 6 years.

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Core Course

Students learn to understand and
repeat individual words, short
sentences, and phrases.

Development Course

Students read stories as
their reading comprehension skills
are developed.

Expansion Course

Students will read and interpret more difficult
information and be encouraged to communicate
and debate ideas freely. Critical thinking and
essay writing skills will be developed.


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Georgina Keane Little Fox is perfect for a first time teacher

Little Fox offered me a lot of support during the whole application and visa process. This support continued after I arrived in Korea, with help at the airport, quarantine and training. The Little Fox curriculum is a lot of fun for the students and having a set curriculum helps when settling in to teaching for the first time, but isn't restrictive. There are plenty of opportunities to adapt the lesson and add new, fun activities.

Little Fox is perfect for a first time teacher because they give lots of support while also being flexible enough for you to find your best teaching style.

Georgina Keane (Cheonan Seongseong , 2021-06-17)
Amanda Wiens It has been a wonderful experience

I have been working at Little Fox for 7 months and it has been a wondeful experience. The curriculum is well laid out, making it easy to teach for the students to understand. I am able to devleop a routine with my classes that helps the students feel comfortable as they are learning English. The curriculum gives me opportunities to ask the students questions about their lives and build off the vocabulary and ideas we are learning about. It has been a joy getting to know my students and helping them learn English at Little Fox!

Amanda Wiens (Cheonan Seongseong , 2021-04-22)