Class Students

Teaching at Little Fox is a rewarding experience for our teachers. Each teacher has their own classes and students between the ages of 6-14. Our teachers take full responsibility throughout each semester which allows them to develop lasting relationships with each student.

Class Students

Teacher's Guide

Teachers follow our Curriculum and use the Teacher's Guide to teach the material. The guide has the step-by-step procedures on how to teach every aspect of the curriculum for all courses. It includes ideas and suggestions to make classes more interactive and enjoyable for students. Furthermore, it offers guidelines on classroom management and how to approach certain situations. Teachers can concentrate on their students' needs because the curriculum itself is very structured to follow and utilize for each class.

Teacher's Guide1 Teacher's Guide2

Multimedia Classroom

Our curriculum uses animated stories and interactive activities, so all classrooms have large screens that teachers utilize to provide a visual, interactive, and multi-media approach. Our teachers' job is not only to teach their students, but to evaluate them too. Evaluation highlights struggling students which allows the teacher, working with the principal, to provide the necessary help for those students.

Multimedia Classroom1 Multimedia Classroom2 Multimedia Classroom3