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    I'm so happy to have found Little Fox

     I am so grateful to have been given a chance to work at Little Fox. Starting a new job is stressful enough, but doing so and moving across the world is even more stressful. Little Fox has made the transition better than I could have hoped. With the set curriculum teachers follow, I have been able to focus on my students from day one. I am not burdened with the stress of lesson planning or deciding what activities I should do with the students. The smaller class sizes and interactive curriculum help to make my job more rewarding. These enable me to give each student the attention they need to succeed while building relationships with them. Not only have I been able to build relationships with my students, but my co-teachers as well. Having a set curriculum means learning the material before being able to teach and my co-teachers have been happy to help with any questions I have had along the way. They have all given me valuable feedback I have been able to apply in the classroom. I have felt welcomed by both my students and co-teachers from the beginning and I am so happy to have found Little Fox.

    Molly Murdoch (Chuncheon Seoksa , 2019-09-16)

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    Little Fox is definitely an excellent option.

    When I initially decided to relocate from Daegu to Seoul, I found the search for a new school quite overwhelming. However, I feel very fortunate to have come into contact with David and the team at Little Fox to assist me with a placement. David was incredibly helpful, accommodating and honest, and was always available to assist if I had any questions or concerns. I really love the school I currently work at and am so grateful for Little Fox providing me with this opportunity. Even though I haven’t experienced problems at my school, the team at the Main Office is always available to assist with any issues and will check up to see how you are doing! This provides a lot of comfort when teaching at a private academy. The Little Fox program is also great because the lessons are already planned out so it requires very minimal planning. The students also love the stories and the activities are well organised and easy to follow. Little Fox is definitely an excellent option if you are looking to teach at a private academy in Korea!


    Catarina Breton (Seoul Deungchon , 2019-08-16)

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    Little Fox attracts the best students in Korea.

    Little Fox attracts the best students in Korea. They’re smart, kind, and a pleasure to teach. The school’s original animations and workbooks take away a huge burden from lesson planning, while its small class sizes allow you to pay attention to each student’s needs. And the staff is happy to help with anything that might come up as you adjust to life in a new country. If you’re looking for a school where you can make a difference, come here.

    Sean Hennessy (Seoul Daechi , 2019-08-13)

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    Absolute pleasure

    Working at Little Fox is an absolute pleasure. The support you receive from recruiting to training are really good. The system you use in class really helps you as a teacher and makes your teaching experience fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Little Fox to anyone looking at teaching in Korea.

    Jevon Kannemeyer (Sejong Naseong , 2019-08-07)

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    “The best decision that I’ve made”.

    Traveling to a different country to work for a long period of time can be challenging, but my move to South Korea has been the best decision that I’ve made. Working for Little Fox has been a good experience thus far, with the content being fun and enriching for the students. A special thank you to David and Miles at the Little Fox HQ for assisting my husband and I through the lengthy, a bit challenging, but exciting process. I’m looking forward to many more good months at Little Fox! 

    Lauren Williams (Daejeon Techno , 2019-08-07)