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[Announcements] Getting an E2 Visa

2019-02-20 14:58:40 / Hit : 96

How long does it take?
It really depends on how quickly you are able to gather the necessary documents. If you plan
to teach in Korea in the next 6 months and serious about it, get started right away. It can take 3 to 5 months.

Am I eligible?
We receive many applicants but we can only hire applicants that are eligible for an E2 visa.
1. You must be a native English speaker from the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Austrailia or Ireland.
2. You must have a university degree from an accredited school in one of the seven countries mentioned.
3. You must have a clean criminal record.

Documents to prepare
1. Criminal background check that has been apostilled.
2. Apostilled copy of your university diploma.
3. University transcripts. (2 sets of officially sealed transcripts)
4. Signed teaching contract.
5. Passport Scan (color)
6. Four color passport size photos.
7. Health Statement
8. Resume
9. Visa Issuance Application

Once you have a teaching contract and all the documents listed above, you will need to send them to your school.
DO NOT send your documents through regular mail. Use a private courier service and provide a tracking number.

Visa Issuance Number
After your school has received your documents, they will take your documents to Korean Immigration to receive a
Visa Issuance Number. This will take 7 to 10 business days. This number will be provided by us and you will need
it to fill out your visa application form.

Nearest Korean Consulate
Send following documents to your nearest Korean Consulate:
1. E2 visa application form
2. Passport with at least 1 and a half year validity
3. Additional passport photo for your application
4. It will cost $45

After you submit all the documents, the consulate will contact you for an interview. Upon receiving your visa, you will
be on your way to South Korea.