To enjoy learning English is a real skill!

Little Fox, founded in 2000 by Kim Won Jae and Yang Myeong Seon, who read English story books to her children from an early age after understanding the importance of English for them and realizing that children love books. Her children loved listening to the stories. She wanted every child to have the same opportunity. However, most Korean parents didn't have the ability in English to read stories, which led to the concept of providing a web-based resource for parents to facilitate English to their children.

Little Fox pioneered the technique of using Flash, a software to create animated stories. The stories together with English narration, interactive activities, course books, and dynamic ESL teachers have created a fun, unique, and innovative learning experience for Korean children.

Little Fox Language Centers have expanded over the years to more than 60 locations throughout Korea. Little Fox has maintained consistent growth due to management expertise and effective implementation of its curriculum.

Little Fox is the largest producer of animated stories in the world. It is committed to producing a new story everyday as part of its pledge to customers and ambition to reserve its dominant global position within the field of animated stories.

CEO, Kim Won Jae Little Fox CEO. Sign, Kim Won Jae