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Hanwoo, Beef that Melts in Your Mouth.

Food 2019-09-05

We had a chance to visit a Korean barbeque restaurant that serves Korean beef, also known as ‘Hanwoo’ near the office. Have you heard of Hanwoo? It means Korean native cattle or Korean beef. I would say that everyone in Korea would love to eat Hanwoo but the only problem is that it is quite pricey to eat often.

The restaurant that we visited was a very popular venue because of its taste and quality of meat. The moment that I had a bite, I thought it was melting in my mouth. I didn’t even need any kind of sauce, just a bit of salt because I didn’t want to spoil its original taste.

This restaurant is also a butcher's shop so you can compare the prices of each part and buy it at quite a reasonable price.

This is another reason why I loved this place. This is a Korean style raw beef and we call it Yukhoe. They serve it for free as a side dish but only once, ha.


When you have a chance to visit Korea, you don’t have to think about any other types of Korean food. Just try Hanwoo first, it could be expensive but it’s worth it and you will not regret it. It should be one of your main priorities when you visit Korea. There are different grades of Hanwoo but I would suggest you should try the A+ grade which is a bit higher than the average. We had A++ grade which is a higher quality of Hanwoo.


Here’s some information about the restaurant we visited for Hanwoo.


Address : 410 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone No. : 02-567-5123


- Price for each - 

Pork Rib : 17,000 KRW

Hanwoo : 22,900 KRW

Galbi-tang : 12,000 KRW

Samgyupsal : 16,000 KRW

And there’s more to be recommended.