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Very Special Korean Noodle for Summer Time, Mak-guksu!!

Food 2020-09-11

Mak-guksu means buckwheat noodle which is a Korean noodle dish served in a chilled broth and sometimes with sugar, mustard, sesame oil or vinegar. It is a local specialty of the Gangwon province of South Korea, and its capital city, Chuncheon. Makguksu is closely related to naengmyeon, another Korean cold noodle dish. The restaurant that we visited is located in the Gangwon area, and we had makguksu plus memil jeonbyeong (buckwheat dumplings).


It is difficult to generalize regarding makguksu's accompanying ingredients. Ingredients are traditionally determined by the customer rather than the restaurant owner, and many restaurants also carry their own unique flavoring recipes. Various types of kimchi can be added as well. In the Chuncheon area, the dish is frequently accompanied by boiled beef or pork and it may be served with bindaetteok (Korean bean pancakes) or gamjajeon (potato pancakes).



It’s located in Sokcho City, Gangwon Province and it’s also very close from the ocean. We headed to the beach after that.



We could see that they’ve been introduced to the TV show. It must be very popular.



Luckily, when we got there, it was past 3 so the restaurant wasn’t very busy. We could see only a few customers.



I would say that this one was such a good choice when we had makgusu. The combination made us enjoy the foods.



Does it look delicious to you? Trust me. It is very delicious and it’s definitely the delicacy of the season.



Besides, they’re not very expensive so when you want to go to the ocean to get fresh air, you might want to drop by here and try those foods.



Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting the same restaurant that we visited for Mak-guksu and the buckwheat dumplings.


Address : 229, Tteokbatjae-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

Subway : N/A

Phone Number : 033-638-0088

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 20:00


[Menu and Price]

Mak-guksu (Buckwheat Noodle) : KRW 8,000

Pyeon-yuk (Steamed Pork) : KRW 23,000

Gamja-jeon (Potato Pancake) : KRW 10,000

Memil Jeonbyeong (Buckwheat Dumpling) : KRW 7,000

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