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Korea’s Typical Winter Activity, Ice-Fishing!!

Entertainment 2020-03-02

There are many ice fishing festivals in Korea during the winter season. Unfortunately, many of them had to close them early this year because of the warm weather. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze the rivers this winter so many of them couldn’t last long for ice fishing festivals. I was told that the total number of visitors this winter was even less than the half of the last winter season. It is a shame since we’ve been influenced this much by global warming now and I’m afraid that it’s going to be worse in the future.


It is still an entertaining outdoor activity for the winter. Everyone can catch fish very easily and it’s delicious when you eat it right after fishing. Many people have hobbies of going fishing but I’m not very much into fishing, I like to eat raw fish and sushi though. For this winter activity, you have to be ready to embrace the cold on ice. You can enjoy some other exciting activities as well such as ice sledding and snow slides.



This reservoir is frozen during the winter so you can go onto the ice and make a hole for fishing on it.



Children can go for snow slides or ice sledding. This is what you can usually see when you go for ice fishing in Korea.



It’s a shame. The reservoir is not very frozen this winter. So you must not go onto the river unless you want to get drowned and freeze to death. The weather is too warm to freeze the river outside this winter.



So everyone is fishing at the fishing sites, not on the ice.



You can catch some smelts and you can put them in a bowl provided.



If you bring the fish you catch to their place, they can cook them for you. The smelts will be fried and the trout can be either ‘hoe (raw fish)’ or grilled. You can order some side foods as well for your appetizer.



Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 37-30, 741Beon-gil, Gobigogae-ro, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon-si

Phone Number : 032-933-1366

Admission : KRW 5,000 / Ice Fishing Set KRW 32,000 (For 2)

Operating Hours : 07:00 ~ 17:30 / 2019. 12. 14 ~ 2020. 03. 01

Homepage :