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G-Star, The Global Game Exhibition!!

Entertainment 2019-12-06

Most people love games. I mean, who doesn’t? You might not be interested because you’re too busy but I would say everyone loves games. Video games, PC games, mobile games, the game industry has been rising and developing all the time. And there is a very big annual game festival in Korea which is called G-Star.


Unfortunately, this Game Exhibition finished in November of this year. But they hold it every year around this time so you can try to visit there next year if you want. G-Star provides the attendees with the opportunity to explore the PC or Online Game Zone, Mobile Game Zone, Arcade Game Zone, Console Game Zone, Event Stage, etc.



Look at those people. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit this event!



You can see professional models with many different game costumes. No wonder they got so many guys there.



Many of the hardware companies displayed their high quality products. This laptop could run most of the newest games because of its high specifications.



These are the graphics cards which can make your PC run high-end games. This is the most important part for your PC to run your PC games.



Someone was playing one of the high-end online games in the booth and he had no problems to play it with Geforce GTX 10 Series graphics card equipped.


This event was originally held in Seoul Kintex but it was relocated to Busan since 2009. If it was in Seoul then I would have visited because I love games very much. I assume that many of you live in Busan so if you’re interested, go visit for yourself. It must be really fun out there.


Here’s some more information about this event. But just remember that it’s finished this year.


Event Period : 14 -17 November, 2019 (N/A)

Location : Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, Busan

Operating Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00

Admission : KRW 10,000 (Adult) / KRW 5,000 (Youth)

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