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Kimchi + Pork Belly = Duruchigi (?)

Food 2019-11-25

Did you know that Kimch and pork are the perfect match for most of the Korean foods in Korea? Yes, they do love eating them mixed and it’s most Korean people’s favorite recipe. Duruchigi could sound like ‘beat up all the way round’ in Korean. But it actually means ‘stir-fried’, the way how it’s cooked and I also love that cooking way for myself because it’s really easy.




This is the way how it looks like when it’s cooked. This can be a spicy dish based on Kimchi you added.



I visited a Korean restaurant when I was abroad. We ordered Kimchi Duruchigi but it tasted nothing like what I knew. Yes, it’s Korean food. It can’t be the same.



This one doesn’t look very spicy and I would prefer this kind.



One of the restaurants served Kimchi Jjigae(which is similar to stew) after the main dish. This one is loved by everyone in Korea.




And below is the one that I recently visited and enjoyed very much for Duruchigi. Why don’t you go for it for yourself? This restaurant is also for Samgyupsal, the pork belly.


Address : 76, Seongan-ro 3-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-470-9032

Operating Hours : 15:00 ~ 24:00