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Children’s Grand Park is Not Only For Children!!

Entertainment 2019-11-15

When I was still a boy, I was brought to this park and enjoyed there seeing animals and rides. Visiting there as an adult wouldn’t give you that impression any more but it’s still one of the greatest parks in Korea especially for children and family.


This Grand Park is located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul near Children’s Grand Park station, line 7 and it has various facilities for your family such as a zoo, botanical garden and amusement rides, etc. I like this park because it’s not as busy as other popular amusement parks like Everland. So you can take a stroll at a quiet and peaceful park.



This is such a beautiful street to take a walk at the park.



You can also visit the botanical garden and see various plants and flowers inside.



This is what they call it, ‘The Country of Imagination’ and it is a junk art according to them.



Yes, every child loves to visit the zoo. They also provide marine animals’ exhibition.



You can also enjoy some rides and this is one of favorite rides at this park.


It is really convenient to take public transportation to get to this place. There’s a subway station with the same name of the park in line 7 and the other closest station is Achasan station in line 5. Of course it’s much crowded on the weekend and the entrance fee is free. But it’s still less busy compared to other popular amusement parks so if you would rather go to quiet places for amusement park and zoo, Children’s Grand Park could be the best choice.


Here’s some more information about this place.


Address : 216 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-450-9311

Operating Hours

1) Park : 05:00 ~ 22:00

2) Zoo : 10:00 ~ 17:00