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The First Mountain to Visit in Korea, Seoraksan!!

Travel 2019-11-13

Mt. Seorak or Seoraksan would be the first mountain that comes to mind for the most people in Korea. It is the 3rd highest mountain in South Korea and it is known as the most beautiful one especially during the autumn season. As you can see the pictures below, it is so colorful that you’re going to be overwhelmed when you see it for yourself.


Seoraksan is located in a national park near the city of Sokcho which is eastern South Korea and it is also considered the backbone of South Korea for this reason. The most popular route to see the view are the Ulsanbawi Rock Course, Cheongbuldong Valley and Baekdam Valley.



It looks like a colorful painting but this is a real photo of Seoraksan. No wonder this is the most popular mountain for hikers in Korea.



You can also experience the cable cars that can provide an amazing view from above and it’s absolutely worth trying since it’s also thrilling.



And of course this is not for the autumn season. You’re going to see that it’s still beautiful for other seasons and you can cool down visiting here during the summer time.



Seoraksan must always be one of the top places to visit in Korea so if you have a chance, please go visit there once while you’re in Korea. It was designated as Natural Monument No. 171 and as a national park on Mount Seorak. UNESCO also designated the area as a biosphere reserve. Yes, I can say that Seoraksan would be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korea.




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