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Bossam, Everyone in Korea loves it!!

Food 2019-11-12

Can you guess what Bossam means? Bossam in Korean means wrapping meat with vegetable and it is usually a Korean traditional pork dish consisting of boiled belly pork thinly sliced. This meat is served usually with Kimchi and Ssam(wrap) vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage.


Bossam is quite a popular dish among Korean people. I don’t know why but they are most likely to use pork more than beef. Bossam is traditionally connected to making Kimchi so we can easily see that they enjoy Bossam when they make Kimchi in Korea.



This is quite a typical Bossam table with side dishes in Korea. I don’t usually like to eat vegetables but for Bossam, I would prefer to eat meat wrapped with vegetables, just like what it says, Bossam (wrapping).



This is another way how they serve Bossam. It’s in the pot so we can eat it while we see that it’s being cooked. This is also great and you can taste a bit tender Bossam.



Does this logo look familiar to you? This is one of the most popular Bossam franchise in Korea and you can actually witness these restaurants almost everywhere in Korea. If you’re afraid of trying Bossam in Korea, then you can go try one of these franchises because the taste can be much guaranteed there. It’s a bit expensive though. It usually costs around 30,000 KRW for the smallest size menu.




And this one is located in Gangnam, Seoul


Address: 712, Seonneung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-544-3601

Operating Hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00

(They also provide delivery service during that hours.)



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