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Crossfit Fighting Spirit

Entertainment 2019-11-05
Tired of just going to the gym and figuring out what to do? Tired of working out alone? Not getting much from your workouts? Want to try something new but old? Then try crossfit. Crossfit is an effective and efficient way to get physically and mentally fit. Anyone can do it from athletes to people who have never been to a gym. It is a fitness program that mixes a wide variety of functional movements into a workout that is timed or scored. Depending on the workout of the day it can include running outside, gymnastics, weightlifting, body movements such as pull-ups and push ups and many more. Since 2011, crossfit centers have been established all over South Korea. However there is one center that has been a pioneer, Crossfit Fighting Spirit. Many coaches who now own their own crossfit centers first started out as just a member or a coach at Fighting Spirit.

Located in the Gangnam area, close to Nonhyeon station line 7. This facility is spacious with many different types of fitness equipment, great people to workout with and coaches that have a lot of experience. If you are an early bird, the first workout is at 6:30am, so you can have a good workout before going to work.

Whether you do crossfit before you start your day or after work, you will feel much much better. For beginners, you may feel tired for the first week but after that you will notice a difference and you will have much more energy to burn. If you are not sure you can always try it once and see how you feel. For drop-ins you will need to make a call or leave a message on their blog at:

Here's more information about Crossfit Fighting Spirit.

Address: 527 Gangnam-daero, Banpo 1(il)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Hours: weekdays: 6:30am~9:30pm
          weekends: Saturdays only - 2pm~4pm
Phone: 070-7793-0218
Access: *Subway
               Nonhyeon stations line 7 and line 9, Exit 3