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Popular Sulfur Duck Cooking Restaurant in Korea

Food 2019-10-21

Did you ever know that duck meat has been always considered as a source of stamina food? I don’t know about other countries but there’s a saying in Korea, “You shouldn’t share your duck meat with anyone.” which means that you should be greedy when you eat duck meat. I’ve never been into duck meat before I tried this restaurant but trust me. You have to try here.


This restaurant serves mainly 2 kinds of duck meat and they also provide Maewoontang that can be translated into Spicy Soup for free at the end of the service. Another reason they’re popular is because they serve sulfur duck cooking. Duck meat is known as detox food and sulfur can increase its detoxification. But you don’t actually have to know all this. Because it’s very tasty and good to eat. That’s all that matters.



This is Shinseon Joomulleok and I really loved it. This meat is very slightly marinated so you can taste duck meat itself.



This one is Yangnyeom Joomulleok and it’s a little bit spicy but I would say it’s still good for those who don’t like spicy foods because it’s not too strong.



The side dishes are not served enough but you don’t need most of them only but some vegetables. If there’s more, then they could spoil your appetite.



Yes, this is the Maewoontang that I mentioned above. You’re not going to believe it’s free. You’re going to feel that your power’s up after eating all this, haha.


I shouldn’t give you the picture of this restaurant’s sign but I don’t care. It’s strongly recommended. Just get there to increase your power.


Some of you might say that I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I looked it up and found out duck meat is known as the most delicious meat out of all the wild birds. Have you been looking for something to provide restoration for your body? Here it is. One more thing, when I was visiting my parents last weekend, I dropped by this restaurant to pick up their meat. And I could see my parents really enjoyed this food and it made me a proud son.


Here’s some more information about this restaurant.


Address: 533, Ogeum-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Phone No. : 02-413-5292

Operation Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:30



- Price for each -

Shinseon Joomoolleok (Light Marinated Duck) : 42,000 KRW

Yangnyeom Joomoolleok (Spicy Marinated Duck) : 44,000 KRW

A Set (Half and half) : 43,000 KRW