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E-Mart, 'THE' Supermarket in Korea

Shopping 2019-10-08

E- Mart is the place that I most frequently visit for shopping, especially the one that is located in Seongsu-dong. That’s because it’s very convenient to park my car and we can buy almost everything we need at reasonable prices. There are 2 more popular and common big supermarket brands in Korea and they’re Homeplus and Lottemart. I can’t think of why but my preference has been always E-Mart and that’s probably because I see them more often and I feel more comfortable, I guess.


There’s an E-Mart in my area as well but they don’t provide a spacious parking lot so I would rather drive down to another one. So I can say it’s not all of them are convenient for shopping. But most of them are better than average.


There’s a pet shop which is called Molly’s Pet Shop and you can adopt your pet and buy a lot of pet goods. I always like to visit this shop whether I buy something or not.



You can also go to the Food Court for visiting restaurants. You can see many different kinds of restaurants here, Korean, Chinese, Hamburgers and so on.



And of course you can buy not only stylish outwears but also innerwear. You can buy suits as well. I used like to buy my suits and dress shirts at E-Mart before.


They sell their own brand foods as well. Bakery, chicken, sushi, cookies and most of them are very nice and cheap. The brand name is No-Brand. That's funny, ha.


This is not all. Shopping at these supermarkets will save a lot of time and money. So we usually make a list of items to buy and take a chance to purchase them all at E-Mart. Besides, they provide discounts and promotional events almost every day. I’m not that interested in shopping but for some reason I always enjoy shopping at E-Mart.


Here’s some information about the E-Mart that we visit most of the time.


Address : 379, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-3408-1234

Operation Hours : 10:00 ~ 23:00