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Samgyupsal, the Most Common and Popular Barbeque in Korea

Food 2019-10-07

Samgyupsal can be translated as ‘pork belly’. And Samgyupsal is the most common and popular meat that Koreans enjoy. I always love to eat Samgyupsal with some beer and all my stress goes away. I would say everyone in Korea might feel the same way.


It’s not very hard to find a Samgyupsal restaurant in Korea. And I’ve never seen any foreigners who didn’t like to eat Samgyupsal. Yes, because it’s barbeque meat. Many people eat Samgyupsal with lettuce or with some other green vegetables. But personally I don’t recommend it. You can just dip it in the salt so you can taste the meat itself.


Some restaurants serve Samgyupsal with some salt sprinkled on it already. You can just eat it without sauce once it’s cooked.

You’ll be able to eat many different Korean side dishes as well when you visit them. But if you’re not very much into Korean traditional foods, you can just skip them.


Korean people love to grill Kimchi as well with Samgyupsal. When you do it, you’re going to see why they love to grill them together. Yes, Kimch tastes much better. But it’s not for Samgyupsal, ha.


Samgyupsal is the most common and popular meat in Korea. And it’s cheap compared to Hanwoo, Korean beef. You can also buy some at a butcher’s shop and cook it at your house. You have to make sure that you circulate fresh air throughout the house though.


Here’s some information about the restaurant we visited for Samgyupsal.


Address : 13, Cheonhodae-ro 155 gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Phone No. : 02-6409-7771

Open & Close Hours : 12:00 ~ 24:00


- Price for Menu -

Samgyusal : 13,000 KRW (180g)

Moksal : 13,000 KRW (180g)

Hangjungsal : 13,000 KRW (180g)