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Game Culture

  • Jjimjilbang (찜질방) – Korean Bathhouse

    Jjimjilbang (찜질방) – Korean Bathhouse

    Traditional bathhouses are part of Korean culture. Locals and non-locals come to relax and hang out with family and friends. People of all ages visit. It is normal for couples or friends to go to a jjimjilbang on the weekend. The entrance fee is around ₩8,000-12,000. The more elaborate places have restaurants, pools, hair salons and even karaoke rooms.

  • PCbang (PC방) – Internet cafes

    PCbang (PC방) – Internet cafes

    Computer gaming is big in Korea. The best gamers in the world are from Korea. The majority of them start out in PC Bangs. You can find the current and most popular games in any PC Bang. You will find state of the art electronics including large screens and high speed CPU’s. Even if you’re not into gaming you can just go there to surf the Internet. The cost is cheap (approximately 1,500 won / $1.50 USD an hour).

  • DVDBang (DVD방) – DVD room

    DVDBang (DVD방) – DVD room

    You can rent a personal home theater in Korea. DVD Bangs (rooms) are personal home theaters, with projection screens, surround sound system, comfortable sofas, and a variety of DVDs to choose from. It ranges anywhere from 10,000 (~$10 USD) to 20,000 won (~$20 USD) for a movie. DVD Bangs are a great way for people who love to watch movies or simply just to kill time.

  • Noraebang (노래방) – Karaoke room

    Noraebang (노래방) – Karaoke room

    The "noraebang" is a private room just for you or your friends or family members to sing the songs you have always wanted. Whether you are good or not it provides a "safe" environment where you can sing whatever and however you want. They can be found anywhere in Korea. The cost can be anywhere from $10-25 (USD) per hour.

  • Manhwabang (만화방) – Comic room

    Manhwabang (만화방) – Comic room

    Manhwabang is a place for people of all ages to enjoy their favorite comics. This “bang” offers many Korean kids and comic enthusiasts a place to read all the comics that they’ve ever wanted. People can pay cheap rates for all the comics to read-in or rent. Even though the comics are in Korean, try it out if you’re looking for a unique Korean experience. The cost is less than $5 (USD) per hour. Beverages and snacks are also available.

  • Board Game Cafe (보드게임 카페)

    Board Game Cafe (보드게임 카페)

    Board Game Cafes are great places to get away from all electronic gadgets. If you’re one of those people who enjoy playing classic and modern board games try it out with your friends. Some of the games may not be in English, however. It’s a fun place for friends, families and couples. The cost is less than $10 (USD) per hour. Beverages and snacks are also available.

  • Multibang (멀티방) – Multi Room

    Multibang (멀티방) – Multi Room

    Multibang is a room where there are so many things that you can enjoy by yourself or with others. You can play games, watch TV or movies, sing songs, or just search the Internet. The price is pretty similar to the other rooms as well (ranging from 10,000 won to 20,000 won an hour). Multibang is a great way to have fun with your friends and family.

  • VR Bang (room) Virtual Reality Cafes

    VR Bang (room) Virtual Reality Cafes

    South Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world so it’s obvious that the latest trend, virtual reality(VR), has been appearing in many areas in Seoul. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of an environment that you can interact with or simply get lost in a virtual world. The cost can be anywhere from $15-25 (USD) per hour.