Festival Information

Seoul Lantern Festival is coming back!

Autumn 2019-10-21

Have you heard of ‘Seoul Lantern Festival’? Every year in November, they hold this Festival in the Cheonggye area which is called ‘Seoul Bit Chorong Festival’ which means Seoul Lantern Festival. Every year nearly 3 million visitors can expect to see lanterns along the 1.3 km Cheonggyecheon Stream with various things to see stretching all the way from Cheonggye Plaza and Supyogyo Bridge.



It was the 10th anniversary last year and I could see the huge lanterns with the shapes of many different figures. It was my first visit and it was very amazing to see them there. And now it’s coming back in November.



It was quite a long line along the stream. It looked like a parade with bright figures in the dark.



I really loved this figure. Some of you might tell what this is. It is called Taekwon V and it’s a very classic and popular robotic hero in Korean animation series. Yes, if you recognize this, you must be old enough.



This one stands for the current trend of culture in Korea. The title of this work is ‘Street Performance’. You can see a lot of young people perform on the street in the Hongdae area.


I’m pretty sure that visiting here will give you beautiful memories in Korea, especially to lovers and family. Whether you’re new to Korea or not, just go ahead. It starts in November this year again.


Here’s some more information about the festival of this year. Yes, I’m planning to visit there again.


Period : 2019.11.01(Fri) ~ 2019.11.17(Sun)

Address : 14, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Location : Cheonggye Plaza to Supyongyo Bridge

Phone Number : 02-2133-0910

Lights On 17:00 / Lights Off 22:00 (Sat, Sun 23:00)